| Merging Equipment (The Complete Guide)

In, your mission is to conquer challenging stages by guiding a lone survivor equipped with gear, weapons, and skills. While you can level up skills during the game, your gear in the lobby determines your basic abilities.

Merging gear is a crucial step in It means upgrading your equipment to make it better. This boosts your gear’s power and sometimes adds extra benefits. You can merge various items like weapons, gloves, and tech parts. has different levels of gear, shown by colors:

  • Legendary (Red): The best gear, top-notch performance.
  • Epic (Gold): super powerful and highly sought-after.
  • Excellent (purple): great gear with strong attributes.
  • Better (Blue): good gear, reliable in tough situations.
  • Good (green): Okay gear, gets the job done.
  • Standard (Gray): basic gear, nothing special.

Understanding gear merging and the importance of each level is key to surviving in So, gear up, merge smartly, and prepare for an exciting journey to survival!

How to Merge Equipment in

In, merging equipment is crucial for boosting your gear’s power. Here’s how to do it step by step:

To Merge from Standard to Good:

To merge from standard to good by following the steps.

  1. Gather three matching standard equipment pieces.
  2. Head to the equipment tab in the lobby.
  3. Look for the merge button; it’ll show a red symbol if you have enough resources.
  4. Click the merge button to combine the equipment.
  5. Voila! You now have a good-grade piece of equipment with improved stats.

To Merge from Good to Better:

To merge from good to better by following the steps.

  1. Collect three identical good-grade equipment pieces.
  2. Navigate to the equipment tab and find the merge button.
  3. If the red symbol appears, you’re ready to merge.
  4. Press the merge button to upgrade your gear to a better grade.
  5. Enjoy the enhanced stats and potential perks of your upgraded equipment.

To Merge from Better to Excellent:

To merge from better to excellent by following the steps.

  1. Acquire three matching, better-grade equipment pieces.
  2. Go to the equipment tab and locate the merge button.
  3. Check for the red symbol indicating you’re good to merge.
  4. Merge the equipment to elevate it to an excellent grade.
  5. Now your gear is even more formidable with improved base stats and potential perks.

To Merge from Excellent to Excellent+1:

You must follow these steps to merge from excellent to excellent +1.

  1. Gather two excellent-grade equipment pieces.
  2. Head to the equipment tab and look for the merge button.
  3. Ensure you have the red symbol, signaling readiness to merge.
  4. Merge the two pieces to reach an excellent +1 grade.
  5. Enjoy the enhanced power of your equipment as it levels up.

With these merging techniques, you’ll bolster your gear and stand a better chance of survival in the challenging world of

To Merge from Excellent +1 to Excellent +2:

Imagine you have two excellent-grade pieces of equipment in, let’s say two pairs of gloves. Each of these gloves is already upgraded to excellent+1, offering decent stats and abilities. Now, you want to further enhance their power by merging them to reach an excellent +2 grade.

  1. Gather two pieces of excellent +1-grade equipment, such as two pairs of gloves of excellence +1.
  2. Navigate to the equipment tab within the game interface and locate the merge button.
  3. Confirm that you have the required items, ensuring they are both excellent +1 grade gloves.
  4. Initiate the merging process by pressing the merge button.
  5. Witness as the two pairs of gloves combine, evolving into a single pair of Gloves of Excellence +2.
  6. Enjoy the upgraded stats and additional perks bestowed upon your newly enhanced equipment, ready to aid you in your journey.

To Merge from Excellent +2 to Legendary:

Now, let’s consider a more challenging endeavor: upgrading equipment from epic to legendary grade. You’ve accumulated various pieces of epic-grade gear, including weapons, armor, and accessories, through your adventures in However, you crave the unparalleled power and prestige that legendary equipment provides.

  1. Begin by collecting several pieces of epic-grade equipment, such as Epic Sword, Epic Armor, and Epic Pendant.
  2. Follow the merging process to elevate these items to higher levels, progressing from epic to epic +1, +2, and +3 grades.
  3. Once you have gathered the necessary materials—several pieces of epic +3-grade equipment—prepare to make the ultimate leap to legendary status.
  4. Initiate the merging ritual, sacrificing your hard-earned epic gear to forge a single piece of legendary equipment.
  5. Witness as the fusion occurs, transforming your epic items into a legendary artifact of immense power and prestige.
  6. Embrace the awe-inspiring might of your legendary gear, equipped to tackle the most formidable challenges that has to offer.

To Merge from Epic to Legendary:

  1. Collect several pieces of epic-grade equipment.
  2. Follow the merging process to upgrade them to higher levels.
  3. Progress from epic to epic +1, +2, and +3 grades.
  4. Once you have the required materials, merge them to obtain legendary-grade equipment.
  5. Bask in the unparalleled power and prestige of your legendary gear, which will help you conquer even the toughest challenges in

Some additional tips and tricks to enhance your merging experience in

Sure! There are some added tips and tricks to enhance your merging experience in

  • Plan Your Merges Strategically: Before merging, consider your overall gear setup and the specific stats you want to improve. Strategically merging equipment that complements your playstyle can give you a significant advantage on the battlefield.
  • Keep an Eye on Grade Skills: Grade skills unlocked through merging can provide powerful bonuses to your equipment. Take the time to explore and understand these skills to maximize their potential in combat situations.
  • Diversify Your Equipment: While aiming for legendary gear is enticing, don’t overlook the value of diverse equipment setups. Experiment with different combinations to adapt to various challenges and scenarios you may encounter.
  • Utilize Tech Parts Wisely: Tech parts play a crucial role in merging equipment. Be mindful of how you allocate them, focusing on upgrading essential pieces that align with your gameplay strategy.
  • Stay Informed About Updates: is an evolving game, with balance changes and updates regularly introduced. Stay informed about these changes to adjust your merging strategies accordingly and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Like any skill in gaming, mastering the art of merging equipment takes practice. 
  • Engage with the Community: Joining communities and forums can provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies from experienced players. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and share your own experiences to enrich your merging journey.

By incorporating these tips into your merging endeavors, you’ll not only enhance your equipment but also elevate your overall gameplay experience in Happy merging, and may your journey be filled with excitement and triumph!

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In closing, mastering the art of merging equipment in is not just about enhancing your gear; it’s about forging a path to greatness. As you navigate through the complexities of merging, remember that each upgrade represents a step closer to becoming the ultimate survivor.

Embrace the journey, learn from each merge, and revel in the satisfaction of wielding gear of unparalleled strength. Whether you’re striving to reach epic heights or aiming for legendary status, the process of merging equipment is a testament to your dedication and skill.

So, venture forth with courage, fellow survivor. May your mergers be fruitful, your equipment mighty, and your adventures legendary. The battleground awaits, and with your enhanced gear, victory is within reach.

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