20 Spotify Top Artists Globally (April 2024 Stats)

Music has a magical way of transcending borders and uniting people across cultures. Every month, Spotify’s streaming charts offer a glimpse into what’s capturing the world’s attention through melodies and lyrics. As we dive into April 2024’s data, one thing is clear – these 20 artists have the global music scene utterly enthralled right now.

Who Are the Top 20 Most Streamed Artists Globally on Spotify? (April 2024)

Taylor SwiftThe reigning pop superstar continues her chart domination.
Lana Del ReyThe melancholic queen of art pop/dark pop enchants listeners worldwide.
Ariana GrandeHer powerhouse vocals and trendsetting pop anthems resonate globally.
The WeekndThis Canadian crooner seamlessly blends R&B, hip hop, and dark atmospheric sounds.
DrakeThe chart-topping Canadian rapper solidifies his status as a hip-hop heavyweight.
MitskiThe beloved indie rock vocalist wins over fans with her emotive storytelling.
Travis ScottHis psychedelic rap beats and live shows are a worldwide phenomenon.
Olivia RodrigoThe Disney actress-turned-pop-punker skyrockets with her debut album.
Lil Peep(1996-2017) – The late emo rap pioneer’s cult following remains strong.
BTSNo surprise, the iconic K-pop group displays their global domination.
Stray KidsThis trendsetting K-pop boy band ascends with their high-energy sound.
Bad BunnyThe Puerto Rican reggaeton superstar breaks boundaries en español.
RosalíaHer visionary blend of flamenco and electronic pop reverberates worldwide.
Kendrick LamarThe respected conscious rap virtuoso captivates fans with his lyricism.
SZAThe neo soul songstress bares her talents with candid, relatable tracks.
Sam SmithThe Brit powerhouse vocal stylings keep them atop the charts.
Harry StylesThe former boyband idol’s funky modern pop-rock invites mass appeal.
RihannaEven without a new album, the pop/R&B icon reigns supreme.
Karol GColombia’s reggaeton queen breaks through language barriers.
YeatThis hip hop rebel embodies the experimental “lazy rap” sound of Gen Z.

Global Streaming Numbers Don’t Lie

The popularity of music streaming is more ubiquitous than ever before. In April 2024 alone, the top 20 artists racked up a mindblowing 18.7 billion combined streams globally on Spotify. Put into perspective, that astronomical number surpasses the entire world’s population!

A few standout stats that illustrate streaming’s domination:

  • Taylor Swift’s re-recorded album “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” broke the global record with 623 million streams in its first week.
  • BTS’s latest album “Quantum Nanotechnology” garnered over 1 billion streams in under a month, shattering their own previous record.
  • Travis Scott’s highly-anticipated album “Yeezi” amassed a whopping 477 million first day streams, the biggest 24-hour debut in Spotify history.

These stratospheric numbers exemplify how streaming has democratized music consumption worldwide like never before.

Analyzing the Genres Dominating Global Spotify Streams

Analyzing the Genres Dominating Global Spotify Streams

When categorizing April 2024’s top 20 artists by genre, a clear picture emerges:

[Music Genre Pie Chart]

Hip Hop/Rap25%

Pop and hip hop reign supreme, aligning with overarching cultural trends of our time. The meteoric rise of Latin-influenced reggaeton beats, pioneered by acts like Bad Bunny and Karol G, signals its breakout into mainstream dominance worldwide.

“The globalization of music has accelerated rapidly in the streaming era,” notes renowned musicologist Dr. Melissa Richards. “Hits today are driven by how they reverberate across cultures, languages, and borders.”

The Rise of Latin/Reggaeton Beats Around the World

Indeed, no conversation about today’s global music landscape would be complete without spotlighting Latin music’s surging popularity. Rosalía’s avant-garde fusion of flamenco with electronic pop has expanded her reach. But it’s the genre-blending reggaeton sound, led by hit-makers like Bad Bunny and Karol G, that’s swept across the globe.

“Reggaeton’s uptempo, club-ready beats provide an irresistible energy that transcends language barriers,” says Latin music historian José Ramirez. “When you blend that addictive rhythmic foundation with melodic hooks and soulful vocal stylings, it creates a contagious sound that hooks listeners universally.”

This potent musical combination, infused with elements of hip hop, R&B, and pop, has rendered reggaeton a dominant force impossible to ignore globally in 2024.

International Collaborations Making Waves on Spotify

International Collaborations Making Waves on Spotify

Beyond individual artists’ chart domination, some of the year’s biggest collaborative singles illustrate music’s powerful ability to bring cultures together. A few examples of international fusions that struck a universal chord:

  • “Neon Gambino” by Australian rapper Rui Santos featuring Korean-American singer BIBI – This sleek bilingual hip hop/pop hybrid showcased both artists’ versatility in crossing over genres and languages.
  • “Las Rosas” by Colombian singer Maluma and Nigerian Afropop star Tems – With a reggaeton backbone blended with Afrobeats production, this infectious dance track united listeners across continents.
  • “Sakura Butterflies” by Japanese pop/rock band SEKAI NO OWARI and Korean rock icons FTISLAND – Transcending cultural backgrounds, the soaring duets demonstrated a shared love of emotive, guitar-driven rock melodies.

Whether overcoming linguistic or stylistic barriers, artistic cross-pollination reminds us of the universal power music wields.

Could Indie Rocker Steve Lacy Crack Next Month’s Global List?

While currently absent from Spotify’s top 20 globally streamed in April, one emerging artist generating significant buzz is alt-R&B singer-producer Steve Lacy. His unique DIY blend of funk, soul, and indie rock has already earned several Grammy nods and mainstream praise. Could he represent for the growing indie scene soon?

Some signs point to a potential global “Lacy-mania” takeover:

  • His latest single “Hazy” just debuted at #4 on Spotify’s global chart.
  • His US tour instantly sold out in major cities like NYC and LA.
  • Lacy already boasts an impressive 22 million worldwide Spotify listeners monthly.

At only 25 years old, Steve Lacy epitomizes the DIY, genre-fluid ethos connecting with Gen Z on an authentic level. If current momentum continues building, he could very well secure a spot among next month’s elite global streaming titans.

Why Steve Lacy Speaks to the Current Generation

Why Steve Lacy Speaks to the Current Generation

So what makes Steve Lacy resonate as a voice of his generation? Beyond his chameleonic talent fusing disparate genres, he represents the fearless individualism of modern youth culture.

“Lacy’s non-conforming spirit, from his androgynous style and persona to his hands-on artistic vision, symbolizes Gen Z’s embrace of radical self-expression on a mainstream platform,” observes pop culture analyst Jamila Khan.

Whether through proudly celebrating LGBTQ+ identity, preaching self-love mantras through raw lyricism, or blurring musical boundaries, Lacy embodies a sound rooted in authenticity. It’s an approach clearly connecting in these times of longing for unfiltered truth.


As April 2024’s global Spotify charts confirm, music continues its power of worldwide connection at an unprecedented level. Cross-cultural collaborations, genre diversification, and deeply personal storytelling all resonate with listeners seeking universality through melodies.

While global superstars like Taylor Swift, Drake, and BTS predictably dominate streaming numbers, the rise of Latin/reggaeton fusions and lo-fi indie voices like Steve Lacy signify how rapidly tastes are evolving worldwide.

One common thread resonating across cultures? Pure, undeniable authenticity in artistry. Whether vulnerability through lyrics, innovative genre-blending, or simply a magnetic persona, the stars uniting worldwide listeners offer a window into this era’s soul.


Who is the #1 artist on Spotify in 2024?

The following list contains the most-streamed artists on the audio streaming platform Spotify. As of April 2024, American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is the most-streamed artist of all time on Spotify, while Canadian rapper Drake is the most-streamed male artist.

Who has the most streams on Spotify 2024?

On April 22, 2024, THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT became Spotify’s most-streamed album in a single week. And as of today, the album has surpassed 1 billion streams since release, the first in Spotify history.

Who is the biggest artist in 2024?

Taylor Swift is of course still the number one best-performing artist, after overthrowing Drake last year, releasing recording-breaking albums and continuing her worldwide Eras Tour. The Weeknd just rose from third to second, securing ‘the biggest male artist’ title.

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